A Step-by-Step process to scale your eCommerce business!

‘’Well, I’ve not had a new sale in three weeks, I do not exactly know what the problem is, but I don't think this is sustainable for my business’’

That was the exact statement of one eCommerce store owner I was on a call with three days ago, he was…

A 3 step approach to Master Lead Generation

Let’s set the stage: How many agency owners get frustrated.

I’d love to know If you are familiar with this scenario I’m about to discuss with you?

A certain company or Agency offers a ton of amazing service’s but they usually don’t have many clients, sometimes 2–3 clients for a…

For Business Owners looking to scale Online using effective Marketing Steps

Oh crap! Paid Ads are too expensive, they do not convert as much! I don’t think they are as valuable as people say they are!

If this is something that you have said or still say — I get it — It's probably not worked when you tried to Leverage…

Each one of these lessons is worth so much more than anything I could have learnt

One year, during Christmas celebration, I, my mum and my brother’s. We left home to celebrate Christmas with her younger brother. It was a beautiful experience because I had not been there for a long time. I had a wonderful time — Christmas is always wonderful.

But as wonderful as…

With these 2 tips, you can build better credibility and get more clients

It took 8 months to get my first copywriting client. A business owner negotiating $40 for a 5 stage email sequence.

Like what the hell!!! That was my supposed initial response. I thought it over and I had to take the job with both hands. Do you know why?


Everything you need to know about the approach I used to write 6x more than I had already done.

In 1,2,3 … 7 months, I only managed to write four articles. I know how odd this could seem to you. But trust me, this was the opposite of what I wanted to achieve when the year started out.

Like many other writers, I set out new goals for my…

Do more than improving brand awareness, focus on your contents’ ROI

Some 5 years ago, I did not know what CTA’s were. And I did not care either, because I had no knack for it at that time. What I loved doing was hunting, not lions or deers. Instead, I enjoyed hunting rabbits…

As difficult and time taking as hunting could…

This is everything you need to know to bump up your conversion rates!

Here’s a spoiler, your funnel won’t make you money but your sales offer will, without any doubt, it’s a fact you should pay attention to.

You could be thinking, “I thought a funnel is essential to every business which has a strong marketing strategy” and if that’s your thoughts?


Here’s how you can master the art of Content Marketing.

Here’s a common lie, “Build a company and offer premium services that meet the needs of people, this will increase your ROI and ensure that your company flourishes.”

Many business owners will not believe this anymore. …

Should I quit freelancing

Do you have to choose which path to take in life, if yes, how do you make that decision

I get it, everyone gets to make a decision on a daily basis about everything that they do. Decision making is probably what makes us humans in the first place!

This is why the question of quitting your freelance career boils down to your decision and what you want to…

Olusegun Aborode

Copywriter and Sales Expert. Lead Generation Agency Owner | Sales and Marketing Automation Freak | Find me at Pivotupmedia.com or @AborodeIsaac

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